Project Management

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At Forest Webs, our business processes are all about delivering the best result at the lowest possible cost to our client.

Every web design project is unique, with its own obstacles and challenges. For this reason we design our core processes to be as reusable as possible and to provide the most efficient way of meeting our clients' expectations.

80-20 Rule

It is typical of most projects that eighty per cent of the effort goes into just twenty per cent of the output. Similarly, eighty per cent of the time goes into just twenty per cent of the output. It's usually that last twenty per cent of any project that consumes eighty per cent of the effort. That last twenty per cent of any project typically consists of ironing out little issues and often requires some problem solving. It's also typical for the last stages of a project to be thrown out by changes to user specifications.

Business Analysis

It is true of any design or development project that the final result tends to reflect the quality of the initial business analysis. In other words, the better the initial understanding of the business requirements, the more likely the project is to deliver an appropriate solution. This seems obvious, but it's notoriously difficult for designers, developers, users and business owners to exchange knowledge and ideas effectively.

At Forest Webs we take an iterative approach to business analysis - we recognise that a business owner often starts with just a vague idea and looks to the contractor to fill in the gaps. In the real world, once the project starts taking shape, and as the business owner's understanding grows, the business owner befcomes increasingly likely

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